Search Inside Yourself in Munich

My motivation for initiating the public program was to make this topic, which I regard as important, more known in Germany and especially in the so-called ecosystem of my home region Munich. For it can strengthen the decision-making capacity and quality in an environment with more and more major changes for entrepreneurial action and it can reduce the associated negative stress.


Digital transformation is intensifying this phenomenon today and increasingly so in the future. The SIY mediated skills make it easy to see different options and avoid, for example, the so-called amygdala hijacking, that is, a negative emotional response.

On October 20 and 21, 2016, about 60 participants from Google’s Leadership Training “Search Inside Yours” (SIY) addressed the topic: Improving leadership quality in times of increasing complexity and insecurity. SIY took place for the first time in Munich as a public program in the conference room of the new OSRAM Group headquarters. Participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland took part in this premiere. Senior executives from international corporations, entrepreneurs, coaches, social workers and students were represented. Due to the corporate host OSRAM and the pro bono commitment of Florian Mayer and myself, scholarships could be awarded to suitable candidates. With Laurie Cameron and Hemant Bhanoo, two experienced trainers from the US of San Francisco based Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) led the training. The two day program covered a broad range of topics: on the first day the neuroscientific foundations and concepts of “mindfulness” as well as an introduction into the components of emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and leadership) were the content. The second day put the various elements together with ‘compassionate leadership’. The main goal of SIY is to increase the quality of leadership in times of increasing complexity and uncertainty (Leadership in the VUCA world, V = volatile, U = uncertain, C = complex, A = ambiguous). For many participants, the training meant a first discussion of the topic “mindfulness”. In order to transfer the experienced and learned into the professional and private everyday life, SIYLI offers various resources to the participants. For just as in sport, an impact can only be achieved with regular exercises.


The feedback on the training was extremely positive, and some responsible managers participating have announced that they would bring the training to their companies and offer the training to their executives as well as to engage themselves in the topic. This premiere has been successful in Munich and will certainly continue in 2017.

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